Inclusion, Coexistence and Resilience: Key Lessons Learned from Indigenous Law and Methodology


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    Giulia Parola
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This book contains refereed contributions presented during the workshop on Indigenous Law and Methodology that took place in Oslo in July 2-7 2018 and was funded by the Young CAS Program 2018 (Center for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo). Other contributions, connected to the theme, enrich the spectrum of viewpoints on the indigenous discourse. At seed level, the idea that inspired both workshop and book project is that indigenous knowledge deeply contributes to enrich laws and research, gently nudging them to change, and training the Western legal systems to listen to other voices that were silenced for long.The indigenous methodology brings us back the indigenous law treasure, together with its teachings. In this vein, we have identified three key lessons learned by adopting an indigenous methodology that takes into account indigenous perspectives, traditions and worldviews and these key lessons are connected to the values of coexistence, inclusion and resilience. This collection of works gathers reflections around these three main themes, culminating in a body of knowledge that investigates, scrutinizes and shows the epistemic reliability, objectivity and inner values of indigenous perspectives.